Thursday, September 13, 2012

15 Silhouttes

Here are my 15 sketches/thumbnails.
I already knew what silhouettes I wanted to go with so I decided to change up the composition in each frame. Still narrowing it down and trying to figure out some kinks, but I'm getting there.
I'll be doing some sketches in paint as well. I'll upload those when I get them done.

Generating Topics 06

Filtered Water

I think most people in America don't realize how good we have it when it comes to water. Especially now with all this filtered water; we get spoiled.
When I was younger we didn't have water filters, I drank tap and to me it tasted fine.
Now I'm drinking from a Brita filter and I'm addicted to it. If I drink tap I immediately taste it and I'm put off, not wanting to finish it. There's nothing wrong with it, I'm just picky about the taste of the minerals inside it. It's crazy to think about it when you can't be bothered to drink average tap water when there are countries out there who would literally kill for it.

Generating Topics 05

Evolution of Technology

I'm really thankful that I was born in 1991 only because I got to experience the beginning of computers advancement. I remember when I was little I had my very own windows 98 (handed down of course). I loved playing all the 90's pixel pc games that came out. (Now you can hardly find any pc games these days!) I even recall seeing an old Mac computer too (with Snood of course) and I love it. I'm glad that I can have an appreciation for it because today's generation don't.
But I also enjoy how fast technology is growing because we reap the benefits and having iPhones and iPads are pretty nice... Computers can handle better graphics and are faster, I mean the list just goes on and on. I can't even imagine what it's going to be like in 10 years.

Generating Topics 04


My favorite past time. There is nothing like a good nap. But sometimes I have to wonder... what if humans didn't need sleep? Imagine all the things that we could get done, how much smarter we could be, how proficient we could be... and then I think how long school/work hours would be and I realize that I'm thankful for sleep and embrace tiredness.
And of course, there's the dreams part which I've also found fascinating... why does your brain do it? And what does it all mean? Somethings you will just never know.

Genorating Topics 03

Creating Something Out of Nothing

As an artist this is what I strive to do everyday. Each piece I work on I see as a child and it's very important to me, I put my heart and soul into every painting and hope that the message I include, whether it be deep or simple will touch the viewers who see it.
I also like how this really applies to anything as well, anyone can relate to this. A kid playing with blocks, a cook cooking a gourmet dish, a mother who grows a child in her belly, the list goes on and on. It doesn't just cover visual art.

Generating Topics 02

Meeting New People

Meeting new people can be a good thing but also a bad thing. You never know when you run into a serial killer, but that is the risk you gotta take if you want to make friends.
Luckily for me that hasn't happened yet, and meeting people isn't so hard for me since I like to see myself as out going and also can't stand that awkward silence.

Generating Topics 01

Gas Prices

Like anyone would say, gas prices suck and seem to slowly climb upwards. Always.
Earlier this summer the prices actually went down. I at one point got gas for under 3 dollars. But now it's back up to $3.50+. It's ridiculous

100 Circles

Switching over from wordpress back to here (even though I haven't used blogspot in ages. I hate word press...)
Anyways, I am sharing my "favorite" 25 circles from the 100 circles exercise.
This was hard for me because I didn't like any of them. However, I realize that I had to pick some so I managed to find some that I kinda liked.